August 17, 2012 ·

2012 Green Film Fest in Buenos Aires


2012 green film festival

It has been raining a lot lately in Buenos Aires and it looks like it might continue into the long weekend. What better than staying dry and watching some inspiring and educational movies by attending a film festival!

The Green Film Fest, now in its 3rd year, features best of the best environmental-themed movies. The carefully selected films are of different genres such as documentary, fiction and animation, addressing a wide range of issues like climate change, responsible consumption, sustainability, renewable energy, controversial actions of environmental activists etc. They were all independently produced and were never made available commercially in theaters.

Since its first edition not only the selection of films has gotten bigger but the length of the festival has also grown from a few days to a full week. From August 16 to August 22, they will offer a jam-packed programming from midday to midnight at Cinemark Palermo, Beruti 3399. Tickets are AR$28 and if you opt for a 10-movie package, it’ll be AR$252. You’re encouraged to get there by bike if you have one, and you can park for free at the Palermo parking lot.

To make it even a more worthwhile movie-going experience, proceeds from every ticket sold Cinemark and Green Film Fest, with the help of The Forest Bank, will go to saving 10 m2 of the forest in Chaco and Formosa (Northern Argentina Provinces), by contributing to the project of converting the area into the National Park “La Fidelidad” (Fidelity).

Go to The Green Film Fest official website to make your pick and make your long weekend a fulfilling one!



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